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A Dedicated event of the flagship and prestigious Competition of International Conference of Social Robotics, comes to Italy with several exciting competitions.

“We are excited to announce that the ICSR 2024 +Competition has been rescheduled to
May 8th and 9th
within the 
Innovation Village event in Naples, Italy. This merger presents a wonderful opportunity to enhance the impact of the ICSR competition and offer participants a comprehensive experience"

Alexa Young, CA



Teams will be engaging in four distinct competitions: the Robotics Arm Challenge, the Humanoid Robot Challenge, the Robot Design Challenge and the Game Jam Challenge. Each competition offers a unique perspective on the capabilities of robotics and their potential to shape our social future. As we embark on this incredible journey, let us celebrate the hard work, dedication, and creativity of the teams who have poured their hearts and minds into developing solutions that not only showcase technical prowess but also reflect a keen understanding of the societal implications of robotics.

Humanoid Robot Challenge (ICSR+Competition-2024)

The main focus of this challenge is the creation of social behaviours for humanoid autonomous robots with particular attention (but, not limited to) to Human-Robot-Interaction and Cooperation, Navigation and Mapping in dynamic environments, Computer Vision and Object Recognition under natural light conditions, Adaptive Behaviours and Ambient Intelligence.

Robotics Arm Challenge

This is an application driven competition inspired by the industrial scenarios where autonomous robots provide services to manipulate, assemble, or modify objects eventually resulting in a new final product.

Game Jam PRO (Purpose Robotics Orientation) ICSR-2025

This competition combines the excitement of building a robot to better understand human-robot interaction, and, as a consequence, the inclusion of social robots, and the creation of new opportunities for novel game experiences.

Robotics Design Challenge (ICSR+AI-2024)

With the increasing release of robots with a diverse set of appearances and applications, this competition wants to further challenge the development of new innovative robots that may overcome several nowadays issues connected to robots, such as costs, new materials, new levels of anthropomorphism, hardware.

We are Working to provide you with a streaming channel to remotely follow the event...Stay tuned!!!

Robot Hand

Message from
the General Chair

Welcome to the Competition event of the International Conference on Social Robotics! 


ICSR Competition aims at being not only a competition but an extraordinary showcase of innovation and talent in the field of robotics.

This event marks the convergence of brilliance, where teams comprising students, PhD students, researchers, and esteemed professors will compete in a series of captivating competitions through a groundbreaking exploration into the realms of robotics, where cutting-edge technologies and social applications come together. In the spirit of fostering collaboration and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, our competitions will showcase the diverse capabilities of robotics. 

This event is not just a competition; it aims at being a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives progress in the world of robotics.

Let the competitions begin, and may the best robots win!


The Event


The 1st ICSR Competition Event


Villa Doria D'Angri

Via Francesco Petrarca n. 80 – 80123, Naples, Italy


 MAY 8


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